‘Versatility First’ for Clancy Plant Hire’s new Charlton-bodied 8×2 Volvo Beavertail

Thursday, 29th October 2015


Clancy Plant Hire has just taken delivery of a new 8×2 rigid equipped with a top – spec Charlton beavertail body, the new truck being designed from the outset to deliver the maximum possible operating versatility.

Built to provide the safe and reliable transport of all manner of plant equipment between CPH depots and their working sites, the Charlton body starts off with a heavy duty hardwood floor complete with recessed lashing rings and container twistlocks.

At the rear, dual extended length ramps provide a shallow, easy loading angle for drive-on equipment such as tracked equipment and dumpers. When carrying bigger items such as portakabins and when traveling, these ramps fold forwards to provide an extended length, fully level deckspace.

Non – motorised equipment can be placed on the truck by either by pulling these items up the rear ramps by a heavy duty, remote control Ramsey winch or else by being lifted and loaded using the vehicle’s HMF 5020 crane.

The first truck of its type in the CPH fleet, the Charlton beavertail body has been mounted on a Volvo FM 8×2 chassis, this model being chosen for its ability to provide an air suspended lifting and steering rear axle. With a shorter effective wheelbase than a conventional 8×4, the truck’s manoeuvrability is therefore significantly enhanced – a particularly important factor when operating in congested site environments.

The 8×2 configuration also offers a worthwhile weight saving over a double drive alternative, as well as delivering improved fuel economy from a more efficient driveline. And to provide the maximum possible loading latitude, the two forward and rear steering axles are all fitted with 385/65R22.5 super single tyres. Finished off with a Rockinger drawbar coupling, the truck can effectively double its operating versatility by pulling a trailer.

Clancy’s new Charlton – bodied truck also brings issues of safety and ease of use for its driver to the forefront as well. Both the winch and crane can be operated by radio remote control, allowing the driver unrestricted ‘walk-around’ viewing of the complete loading and unloading process. If the driver needs to work from the vehicle deck, Charlton’s simple but effective ‘fall arrest’ system prevents dangerous falls to the road surface below.

Graham Jones, General Manager for Clancy Plant Hire comments;

“This new truck adds considerably to our operating versatility. It enables us to significantly improve our service levels when delivering equipment to our customers. We’ve taken particular care to get an optimum yet totally practical vehicle specification, and to this end Charlton has provided a superbly professional bodywork package.

With over 100 heavy trucks in the Clancy Group fleet, this Charlton / Volvo example is currently unique, and is already attracting considerable comment and interest.”



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