Super-spec Charlton crane truck has the ability to move almost anything

Monday, 21st September 2015


Charlton Bodies of Dover has just delivered one of its most comprehensively equipped multi – purpose platform bodies ever to Bristol – based DB Plant & Lifting Ltd.

Mounted on an 8×2 Scania chassis, the new truck gives DB the ability to move the widest range of plant, machinery and general equipment. Representing an investment of over £200,000, the new truck is the largest yet in DB’s all – Charlton fleet.

Key to providing the truck’s exceptional operational versatility is its massive 8 – stage FASSI F485 48 tonne / metre crane that enables both the easy movement of heavy individual items as well as the ‘long reach’ placement and recovery of a huge range of construction related equipment.

The truck’s 24ft hardwood body also features an exceptional range of Charlton’s own special features. Pressed steel outriggers and RSC side raves combine with recessed lashing rings and container twistlocks providing both heavy duty durability as well as maximum load security for any type of cargo. Of particular interest, Charlton’s two stage webbing arrest system running down each side of the body prevents any accidental falls by the crane operator when working on the vehicle’s deck.

Of next to zero weight and easily stowed away when not in use, this driver protection system provides for a significant improvement in operational Health & Safety.

Other novel Charlton design and build items also feature in this highly bespoke body.

At the rear of the deck, there’s a top – access recessed locker for carrying heavy equipment such as the lifting chains. Underneath the body, each side features a high capacity aluminium locker as well as a storage rack for the four pads for the feet of the extendable stability legs. Also to the rear nearside is a further horizontal storage rack for a ladder, whilst at the front triangular warning panels can extend outwards each side from the headboard.

The ability to work outside in adequate light is also another key requirement for this type of vehicle. As well as rear facing spotlamps mounted to the cab roof to illuminate the deck, Charlton has also fitted LED ‘puddle lighting’ to the periphery of the body in addition to a wide array of amber flashing strobe lights in all the significant positions. Given that the truck has also been configured to work in 44t gtw drawbar mode, an LED worklamp has also been fitted to ease trailer coupling.

Powered by a 410hp engine, the 5.9m wheelbase Scania chassis comes with a lifting and steering rear axle, this axle and the two front axles also being fitted with high capacity 385/65R22.5 tyres providing additional load capacity.

With an expected service life of at least 10 years, DB director Mark Davis comments;

“Our latest truck gives us the ability to offer our services across the widest possible client base, and with the highest possible degree of operational versatility. We have worked closely with Charlton to design and build a bodywork package that fully meets all our existing and anticipated requirements.

The result is an unqualified success.”



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