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Tailor-made for bulk distribution

For the bulk distribution of bricks and blocks, there is no better body than a Charlton BrickLite. Typically
operating at 44t gvw, we’ll also make the trailer too!

Brick and block hauliers typically come to Charlton with a specific operating requirement. From there, we
will deliver the exact body specification requested. Payload usually comes first, which is why BrickLite bodies
and trailers can provide a 30t carrying capacity given a suitable truck chassis. Easy and speedy to use,
BrickLite also includes many H&S features for maximum operating safety.

BrickLite gets the block vote!





BrickLite. For Payload, For Volume.



Design & Materials

Because customers often have precise payload requirements, BrickLite bodywork is built almost entirely high strength aluminium.



Body Building

Bricklite has a wide range of options, from mimimum weight pvc or meshed sides through to cranes and even a complete trailer.



Total Productivity

High payload capacity coupled with fast, easy loading and unloading makes BrickLite a guaranteed high performer for years to come.


BrickLite in action



Charlton has an unmatched ability to listen to our requirements and respond
with a bodywork solution that meets – and often exceeds – the original brief.

Tim Parker, Distribution Director, Parker Brickworks


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