Charlton’s exceptional product diversity boosts delivery capacity
for Grant & Stone

Thursday, 23rd February 2017


Grant & Stone Ltd, one of the Home Counties leading builder’s and plumber’s merchants and electrical wholesalers is significantly boosting its delivery capacity with the addition of a variety of new Charlton – bodied trucks.

Leading the way is a 26 tonnes gvw 6×2 lift axle Mercedes-Benz Arocs, this chassis being equipped with a lightweight Charlton ‘BuildLite’ triple dropside alloy body fitted with a rear mounted, remote control HIAB crane.

Equally suited to both bulk load distribution and multi-drop work, the truck with its 6850mm long body and crane still offers a generous 13 tonnes payload.

“This new truck increases our operating versatility quite considerably” says Grant & Stone’s Chief Executive Nick House. “On the one hand, the 6850mm body gives us lots of deck space, so the truck can easily handle almost every item in our inventory. A long body also provides plenty of room for bulk loads, and nor do we have to stack too many products on multi-drop work. In both types of operation, unloading the truck is therefore simple and straightforward, which speeds up the job quite considerably.”

As for the chassis, the short effective wheelbase of 5100mm ahead of the lift axle aids manoeuvrability in tight delivery points quite considerably, with the high set cab also providing the driver with superb all – round vision.”

Built with galvanised cross members supporting an aluminium planked floor, this particular Charlton BuildLite body also features triple 840mm high alloy dropsides, easy access steps to the rear nearside and a steel – framed tailgate.

The crane, mounted at the rear, affords both full 360 degree operation and a long reach, thereby offering the ability to place loads such as palletised bricks almost anywhere around the truck with particular accuracy and precision.

And, thanks to the crane’s full remote control, the truck driver is free to view the unloading operation from anywhere around the truck, greatly improving operating safety in often difficult and congested environments.

Also coming into the Grant & Stone fleet is another Mercedes, this time a shorter 6×2 chassis fitted with a dropside tipping body and a crane behind the cab. Additionally, two DAF LF 18 tonners have been specified with conventional Charlton tipping bodies and cranes for the delivery of sand, aggregates and topsoil.

Founded in 1987, Grant & Stone is based in High Wycombe and operates multiple depots in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire and Middlesex. Serving both the merchant trade and the general public, the company is also a leading electrical wholesaler as well as a supplier of quality kitchens and bathrooms.

Speaking for Charlton, Sales Manager Andrew Gunn comments;

“Charlton’s ability to offer a complete range of bodywork solutions all from a single source was perhaps the key factor in winning us this important business from Grant & Stone. We are hugely appreciative of their support and recognition of the experience and expertise that Charlton offers.”



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