Charlton SuperLite’s class – leading payload potential maximizes G.Webb’s productivity and versatility

Friday, 15th July 2016


Cambridgeshire tipper operator G. Webb has just put into service two new Charlton bodied eight wheelers that deliver a class – leading payload of over 19.6 tonnes. Why is this so special? Simply because whilst this figure is routinely achieved by tippers with aluminium bodies, the surprise is that Webb’s vehicles have their bodies made in steel.

Ready for work with a full tank of fuel, driver and all ancillary equipment, the two trucks tare off at just under 12,400kgs.

Long renowned as the lightest all – steel tipper body on the market, Charlton’s SuperLite is regarded by Webb’s as the perfect complement to Scania’s latest P cab 410hp chassis.

“These new vehicles really represent a new type of tipper for us” says Webb’s General Manager (Haulage) Neil McMurdo. “Traditionally, most of our fleet has been built up around bulkers with alloy bodies, often employed on longer distance work. Today, changing work patterns led by the housebuilding industry are now requiring us to purchase vehicles specced primarily for earthmoving and delivering sand and aggregates.

Such work has to mean a steel tipper body, but weight is obviously of particular importance.”

Webb’s also note that the latest Scania chassis are among the lightest UK – spec eight wheelers, whilst also offering excellent fuel economy. With their exceptional payload potential, the Charlton / Scania combination therefore delivers a highly productive operating proposition.

“We’ve looked at Thompsons and Charlton bodies for many years” says company director David Webb, “but we just weren’t operating those types of tippers. Now, things have changed and we’re delighted to bring these new trucks into our fleet. We’re all impressed not just by the SuperLite’s low weight and clean, functional design but also by Charlton’s particularly high standards of product detailing, fit and finish.

For payload, performance and productivity, these new trucks look unbeatable.”

Having recorded a strong business performance over the last two years, G. Webb now runs up to 50 vehicles in its own fleet, and often with a similar number of sub-contractors too. The huge growth in the local Cambridgeshire housing market has meant that more and more of the G. Webb fleet is now working with utility and infrastructure companies and, as a result, the two new SuperLites are ideal for those types of operations.

“We also tend to keep our vehicles longer than most companies” concludes David Webb, “so that’s an even greater stimulus to get their spec right at the outset. These two new tippers will be joined by a third in September, also fitted with a Charlton body but this time with a crane and grab as well.

In a nutshell, Charlton is really our partner in adding to the flexibility and versatility of the whole fleet.”



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