Webster Miller chooses Charlton (again) for one of the UK’s very first ‘New Generation’ specialist Scania Rigids

Monday, 25th September 2017


One of the very first ‘New Generation’ Scania rigids has just gone on the road with Essex – based Webster Miller Ltd. And complementing the truck’s particularly high specification 6×2 lift axle chassis is a bespoke, custom – built platform body designed and installed by Charlton Bodies of Dover.

Now one of the UK’s leading providers of crane based self – loading transport services, Webster Miller’s 28 – strong truck fleet is centered around a core Scania / Charlton vehicle specification. Whilst the new truck is perhaps impressive enough with its 450hp engine, auto transmission and full-spec R sleeper cab, it’s also the completeness of Charlton’s bodywork package that makes this truck so ideally suited to its task.

At 7.5m long in its ‘closed up’ standard operating configuration, the body is built around pressed steel construction in conjunction with a hardwood floor. Then, to provide all the lifting capability this truck would ever needs is a remotely controlled 54 tonne/metre FASSI crane mounted in front of the heavy duty steel headboard.

Designed first and foremost to be safe, versatile and easy to use with the widest variety of payloads, this highly individual Charlton body also features multiple lashing points and twistlocks, an underfloor storage locker for chains, a nylon fall-arrest system, lightweight aluminium waterproof toolboxes, a lift-up rear under-run bar, a drawbar coupling for trailer towing and flashing LED warning lights. Of particular interest, the body also features a 1525mm rear pull-out to enable it to carry 30ft containers.

With the chassis also featuring 385/65 ‘wide single’ tyres to its uprated front axle and low profile tyres on the drive, the resulting lower deck height makes both loading and access easier whilst also improving on-road stability by reducing the truck’s centre of gravity.

Webster Miller director Simon Steptoe says;

“this new truck certainly pushes our business another step forward. We’re great believers in having the best possible kit for what we do. The Scanias are superb – the drivers love them, they’re reliable, economical to operate and ultmately give us the best possible residual value. Self-evidently therefore, we’re also going to fit them with top quality bodywork. Charlton is supreme in this respect, not just for the finished product but equally for the fact that we can sit down with Charlton and put together a specification that’s ideal for any particular truck or operating requirement.

In short, Charlton makes the whole package complete.”

Based in West Thurrock just by the northern side of the Dartford Crossing, Webster Miller’s trucks operate throughout the UK carrying everything from mobile power packs to plant and construction equipment, portakabins and containers.

Speaking for Charlton, Sales Director Andrew Gunn comments;

“We’ve done business with Webster Miller for a long time now and are naturally delighted to have been able to work with Simon and John on this latest unique new truck. But the story doesn’t stop here – because there’s we’re also following up with a larger Charlton – bodied 8×4 Scania in the near future!”


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